What is Microfiber and how is it produced?


- What is Microfiber and how is it produced?
Microfiber comes from the Polyester family in which it is a synthetic fiber that consist of Polyester and Polyamide (nylon).

- When is the best occasion to wear Microfiber?
• Sports, leisure, from day to night

- What are the advantages of wearing Microfiber Tees
• Quick Dry function (absorbs sweat from your skin and dry it off quickly, cooling down your skin and body during active activities)
• More Durable and Shape Retention compared to Cotton (Maintains form even after washing)
• Wrinkle free
• Softer, Silky, Luxurious feel, fine texture compared to Polyester
• Light weight ( lighter than Cotton)

- Whats the difference between Polyester and Microfiber?
The main difference between Microfiber and Polyester is that
• Microfiber has softer and silkier feel compared to Polyester
• Microfiber absorbs and dries moisture far quicker than Polyester (Polyester doesn’t absorb moisture)
• Microfiber is far more breathable than Polyester

- Cheetah Product Placement (Polyester Tee SKU in Website)
- Is Microfiber Tee your choice of pick?
If you want a tee that is breathable, durable with quick dry functions that can do both sports and leisure from day to night, Microfiber tees are the choice for you!

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